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May 06, 2020


I did identify it as lavender from the leaf shape, aroma of crushed leaves and that you thought it gave blue flowers. However, the blooms do not look like the fairly tightly packed blooms I am used to seeing on lavender.

The flowers look more like rosemary flowers, but the leaves aren't right. The mints that I am used to have wider leaves, and again have flowers that cluster more tightly. They almost look like penstemon flowers, but the plant isn't right, the flower stalks aren't woody (plus penstemon doesn't have fragrant leaves).

Well, I'm a failure at plant identifications :)

Bogie--I have had Rosemary plants and they are definitely (as you say) different! I sent you additional photos by email, this morning.

I got all the pictures and I am still unsure. I sent an email with my long, boring description of why I am still unconvinced (actually more agnostic) as to your tentative ID.

That one, no-credit, total of 5-8 hours over 5 weeks, community education course taken in 2006 did not prepare me for this type of thing :D

We'll just keep calling it the "magic plant", eh, Bogie? Thanks for the effort - and - your 5-8 hour course beats the total of biology/landscaping classes that I've taken; although, I did substitute in biology at the high school a couple of times when they were desperate. Fortunately, the high school course (this was in 1963 or 1964) was basic enough that it wasn't much of a challenge.

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