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May 19, 2020


Such lovely trees. How fortunate you are to have a tree man you can trust.

Liz--I have always had good luck at finding trustworthy people, wherever I've lived; however, I was not the one who found Hillside Nursery. My mother called our builder, while we were building (a different house, but in this community) in 1968, asking for a reliable nursery from which she could order us a couple of trees as a housewarming present from her and Dad. I've dealt with Hillside Nursery ever since. The couple who founded the nursery had (if I recall correctly) seven sons, one of whom was in the Air National Guard with Hunky Husband. I dealt with that son and one of his brothers for several years - until I moved to Florida in 1981. When I came back to Kansas in 1990, I re-established contact. That one son died a few years ago, his parents having both died some years before. John is not a member of the family, but he might as well be.

Although the nursery, itself, is in Wichita, rather than Derby, it is about 10 miles from us. Two or three of the sons live in Derby/rural Derby. One son in rural Derby started a tree farm 40+ years ago that is now 5 miles from us - in the opposite direction from the nursery. Most of the trees that I buy come from that tree farm - usually, by way of the nursery. It is fun visiting either place; but, a lot easier to just phone in my order.

Flowering crabapples are so pretty.

I noticed yesterday that a couple of my iris are starting to set some flower buds. Still have a couple of weeks before they flower, so it is great to see yours in action

Looking forward to photos of your irises in bloom, Bogie.

I have one iris bloom so far :D

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