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May 22, 2020


I, too, began staying at home early, before official recommendations from various sources were recommended. I also did sufficient shopping so I wouldn’t have to go out to grocery stores since I thought it highly likely there would be mad rushes as occurred. In fact, I still haven’t set foot in a grocery store. I’ve done some pick-ups, benefitted from accommodating younger neighbors picking up a-few minor things for me when they shopped for themselves. I’m not rushing to go out even now, as I think it’s premature from a health safety standpoint. I have driven to select drive thru sites. Living alone without family nearby should I become ill is more complicated as I know first hand, so think I need to take extra precautions.

Wise decisions!

presumably, if you get infected, you will have to change your name to Joagreen?

Well done, Joared. I don't go along with Stu's idea as I doubt that COVID-19 turns one's hair green; but, nice try.

Joagreen might well be appropriate if I get a severe reaction to COVID-19 despite my not-so-red hair anymore.

Thanks for the laugh, Joared/hopefully not Joagreen.

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