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May 01, 2020


That is some beautiful green grass.

Thanks, Ingineer, I'll pass your words on to HH. He grooves on grass, I on trees. As you can see, the grass turns to weeds at the bluebird nesting box. Each spring it's a thrill to see what weeds have taken over for the season.

That is so nice of Adam to volunteer to to the trimming. Most people would not recognize, or care, that they had in effect created more work for the next door property owner. And kudos to you for not wanting to damage his fence by attempting it yourself.

It is too bad he doesn't know for sure whether he has had COVID-19. Although the experts are unsure if that makes people immune or not anyway. Unfortunately testing, even when it was available at the start, was reserved only for those that had a lot of symptoms - who knows how long this has really been circulating and was attributed to the flu or a cold (or like so many, were basically non-symptomatic).

Bogie--Yes, Adam and Krista are thoughtful neighbors. Krista is a nurse practitioner in a GY-OBN office, so we have two health care workers next door, this time. You may recall the Tanya was an RN with USAF, but Jason was in aircraft maintenance with USAF. Too, at the old house, the woman to the north was a nurse practitioner (CNP) with USAF - moving when she was promoted to Lt Col.

Testing isn't very much available in Kansas and Sedgwick County has about the lowest testing rate in the state. I've not heard why testing is so scarce, here; but, if it were political, I wouldn't post about it, anyway. As an EMT, Adam should be able to get tested for antibodies if anyone can; but, Krista's being out on parental leave would cut her off, I think. AFAIK, neither of the health care workers in our family has been tested; but, that may change as nursing homes become a priority.

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