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May 15, 2020


Those are very pretty (even the Not Mr. Lincoln). Hopefully the rains will go away and the fragrances will pop out.

Oh Rosie is pretty! We don't have many roses out yet - or perhaps I just haven't noticed.

Bogie & Liz--Thank you, and I agree that they are pretty. As to the Mr Lincoln: The nursery buys their bare-root rose stock from Jackson & Perkins. In this case, the nursery had barely gotten the Mr Lincoln potted when I dropped in and bought it; but, the soil held together well when I cut the bottom off of the (decomposable) pot and planted it that same day. Yay!

Beautiful roses! We once had a Peace rose but it was planted too near the sidewalk by previous owner. No idea if we moved it or what happened. I do not have the green thumb to grow roses. Now at my age I just grow older.

Bonnie--There is a Peace rose among our seven roses; but, it is not doing well. I should yank it out before it infects the rest of the roses. The first Peace rose that I planted, at our last house in the late 1990s, produced a huge blossom about eight inches in diameter. My mother loved roses and, not being one who was enamored of growing plants that I couldn't eat, I (shamefully) never planted a rose until after her death.

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