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April 07, 2020


I saw a picture of that hay bale (or a similar one) on FB a while ago - brings a smile to my face.

Glad you dissuaded HH from going to the store if he wasn't going to were his mask. I went to the store yesterday and wore a mask made from a full sized folded H-D kerchief. NH has banned the use of the reusable bags for now, as have at least a couple of states around us.

Yeah, I use more TP now that I'm not at work for 10-12 hours a day, so that explanation makes sense to me. I'm not in danger of running out any time soon since I buy it by the case - although I wil need to reorder sooner than I normally would.

Bogie--In our newspaper, the hay bale (or, as I frequently misspell it, bail) was supposedly in a field outside a Kansas town; but, I also saw the same photo, online, as being found in another state. I will not go check it out; though, a Sunday drive might be welcomed.

Your dad has his image to protect as a macho man. Actually, it's just his Type A showing. No one will tell him what to do!

A Wichita minister bought a truck load of TP and offers a package (don't know how many rolls that is, in his case) to anyone who comes through their drive-through.

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