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April 15, 2020


Congrats! Lovely blooms!

I hopped to you from Ronni’s blog where I copied one line from your comment.
I also had some trees planted. I had two planted last year, a small magnolia and an autumn glory maple. Then last month I had 5 more planted that I purchased from a non-profit organization, the Nashville Tree Corps. Got 3 hollies, 1 Japanese Cherry, a duodar cedar and a redbud. That was a birthday present to myself since I had to celebrate alone in the house. I’ll be long gone before they are totally grown, but that’s OK.

Joared--Thanks. It is funny; but, only after my mother died did I start favoring her favorites. She loved dogwoods. She loved driving through the woods of the Ozarks in the spring.

Vagabonde--Thanks for dropping in. I do see your comments at Ronni's, and check out your beautiful photos every week or so.

Oh...the autumn glory maples are glorious! I have several hollies along the foundation on the northwest side of our house. It will be fun, for you, watching the plants grow - as long as you last. Happy belated birthday.

For such a small tree, that dogwood looks nice. It will be stunning once it gets it's roots really sunk in.

Vagabond - is that the October Glory maple? I planted one a couple of years ago and even though it is small, the fall show doesn't disappoint.

Bogie--Good question for Vagabond. I had mentally confused her "autumn glory" with "October glory" so I guess I don't know what she has.

As to dogwood trees: I think that this dogwood tree is at least the fifth one I've planted and the first one to live, let alone produce so many blossoms. I planted at least one (I think, two) at Sunrise - that died. But...it/those were up next to the house rather than in the woods. I'm thinking about having Hillside Nursery add a couple more back there in the woods - this fall?) Mom always tried to grow dogwood trees and crepe myrtles; but, without luck on either. At least, I've no problem with crepe myrtle.

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