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April 20, 2020


Big tail for a box turtle.
Could be a snapping turtle (I can't see the jaw)
or even an alligator terrapin?
Neither of which you'd want in your pond.

Stu--Please see the addition that I made to the posting.

jaw photo shows a snapper alright. dangerous beast, could cost you a toe.

We used to eat snapping turtles when we caught them while fishing for fish. When their heads are removed the reflex will continue to snap but not release so recall Pop buried them really deep so dog couldn’t dig up. He also said they were reported to have seven different kinds of meat. All of this was new to my mother and I.

A snapping turtle? they sound unfriendly.

Stu--I've always worried more about fingers. As a kid, I was taught how to pick snapping turtles up without being injured. This one was rather large, though.

Joared--I don't recall ever eating turtle of any kind. I think the only reptile that has found its way to my plate is alligator.

Liz--They can be, indeed, unfriendly if not treated with respect.

Definitely a snapper - they can grow to a huge size. That one is still at early middle age. I had one cross my yard a couple of years ago that was probably about the same size as the one you have pictured (https://bogieblog.typepad.com/happenings/2018/09/snapping-turtle-adventure.html ) and I remember we had one at my previous house that we had to relocate before we let the dogs out

Bogie--Thanks for the added info and for the link. Now that I see your posting, I recall it. Don't know what I was thinking that I didn't ID the turtle as a snapping turtle, myself. I was (originally) rushing to get the posting done before joining HH for our "happy hour" at 5:00pm, and didn't take enough time to recall what I should have known. I do recall thinking that the turtle needed its claws trimmed and that I was not about to do that.

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