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April 14, 2020


Well done! Lots of sewers and crafters have stepped up to help. I am not a sewer. If people needed a cake I could do that!

Liz--Sewing skills (although this is stretching it, in my case) do come in handy. You sound like a match to my mother. She baked all sorts of cakes - even wedding cakes for lucky friends and relatives. She hand pieced quilt tops and probably made 5-10 house dresses in her life; but, when they were first married, it was my father who sewed a blue velvet dress for Mom. During WWII, she even sent cakes to GIs - cutting a large window in the top of the box and covering it with celluloid so that the postal service would be careful of it.

I stopped sewing much after we moved to Calif. My machine needs rejuvenation and a tuneup I expect. My dtr last used it years ago and something went wrong with it we never got fixed. I still have in my closet the last special fabric I purchased before we left Arizona, fully intending to make myself a two-pice pantsuit as I recall. Your masks look quite nice. I have some perfect size various-colors thin elastic hair ties the circumference of those on surgical disposable masks we wore that I may use to create a few non-sew masks.

Joared--Awww...it's too bad that you didn't get the pantsuit made before the machine crapped out. My machine is old and cranky, but it does better than does the one using it. Among my essential tremors, float-y near-sightedness, and achy back, sewing is a chore, by machine. (Add my arthritic hands and it's a chore, by hand.) Please post photos of your non-sew masks when you get them (or, at least one) made. Those hair ties should work well for you.

I'm sure Fantastic Niece truly appreciates all your hard work at making masks!

Bogie--Thankfully, your FN tells me that neither her nor Rachie's nursing homes has experienced any known exposure.

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