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March 06, 2020


Your shopping sounds like mine. My pantry is always full and I always have loads of toilet paper - but, as it happens I was down to my last roll, my usual supplier having given up. So I stocked up. And tried not to feel I have to explain to anyone that this is how I always shop.

I have never seen a bluebird.

I think cookies are a nice and not too expensive way of saying thank you to donors.

Probably because of upbringing, I also buy toilet paper by the case - for 1 person mind you. I usually use toilet paper as Kleenex, although I do have a box or two in the cabinet. Neither will I starve if I have to go a couple of weeks without going to the store (as you stated, I may not "like" what I have to eat, but I will be able to eat).

Haven't bought cleaning products as I have plenty of bleach, alcohol, and other cleaning products on hand. And vodka can be used if needed - which I keep on hand in case I want to make a White Russian or beef jerky (vodka makes a great "setting" agent for flavorings into the meat and evaporates off during the dehydration process).

Too, NH hasn't been hit hard by COVID-19 at this point, so I think the store shelves have not been hard hit - I was at Lowe's yesterday and saw that they were well stocked. I will say that the local Aubuchon's sent out an email yesterday stating that there might be shortages, but I feel that is more hype than anything at this point.

Liz--Some of us just don't want to get caught short, eh? I cannot imagine getting down to my last roll of TP. I would be in a state of panic! My last 10, maybe, but....

I think it would be lovely to have bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover. Alas! Britain and Europe have other thrushes, but no bluebirds. :’(

Bogie--Yes, keeping plentiful supplies seems to have been passed down, mother-to-daughter, in our family. In actual fact, WIWAK we did not stockpile toilet tissue - we didn't buy it at all. That was what the catalogs were for. With indoor plumbing came toilet tissue in our house. Of course, it makes a difference when one lives on a farm, as did we, instead of in town. I'm not above using TP for dabbing my nose; but, for blowing my nose or wiping my eyes, it is facial tissue to which I usually go.

As to food, back when I had meals for our whole family (until 5-6 years ago?), I was always teased about having enough food for twice the number of attendees, I'm sure you recall.

Interesting use for vodka.

Kansas had its first COVID-19 case announced 1-2 days ago - in the Kansas City area. I understand that the mortality rate for us old codgers is about 10 times that for people under 70. No one can seem to explain why youngsters (teens and under) seem to be escaping almost entirely. I'm wondering how long COVID-19 has been around without it's having been differentiated from seasonal flu.

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