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March 24, 2020


That sounds like a dangerously high heart rate!

We've been having some lovely weather - for a change.

Liz--HH is weird. His resting heart rate is, if I recall correctly, in the low 60s; but, his "normal" peak rate while running is about 165. Me? My resting rate is about 80 (plus/minus 10). Limited by overheating when I walk on a treadmill, I occasionally walk to peak at 140 - but usually settle for low 130s. (I peaked out at 166 in tread mill testing several years ago; but I stopped because my legs were tired rather than any cardio-vascular limitation.)

Then there is elder brother. Before they implanted his defibrillator, his resting rate was in the high 40s or low 50s, depending upon the day. I don't really know what he peaked at since, even before his cardiac arrests, he didn't really run. As I tell Elder Brother, he was always the puny one of our family.

Glad to see some flower pictures as I am several weeks off from getting any myself!

Bogie--I am even seeing some encouraging signs from our new trees. The new white bud looks like it will blossom at the same time as our red buds blossom. The dogwood that I had assumed was dying (girdled), may even be alive. We shall see. Everyone (else's) ornamental pears have been abloom for 10 days. The one across the street is, as always, gorgeous. It would be nice if they smelled as good as they look. Fortunately, the wind has been high enough that the stench hasn't been as bad as usual.

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