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March 10, 2020


Is it mere coincidence that International Womens' Day was the day that USA put their clocks back ?
And so only accorded the women 23 instead of 24 hours?

I recently came across a list of celebratory days — was at least one special recognition for every day in the year and now you add these! I’m getting celebrated-out. But....let’s hear it for women, however many hours we’ve had for the occasion!

Stu--I use radio-controlled clock radios that synchronize the time to some supposedly standard clock (Naval Observatory?) They change to/from daylight savings time using Greenwich Mean Time; thus, my International Womens' Day was 24 hours long, the time having changed the previous evening. (And, yes, I did go to bed to the daylight savings time setting.)

Liz--Apologies for my having picked on you and you get my vote for your proposal.

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