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January 31, 2020


They are sold here under two names, SweetSaphire and MoonDrops, but I can barely taste any difference. Both are table grapes. Usually from the middle-East, sometimes California.

Thanks, Stu. Information on the "two" grape varieties comes from Eat Like No OneA.The poster concludes, "What is the Difference?

"The difference between Sweet Sapphire and Moon Drops grapes comes down to who grows them. As far as I know everyone else but Grapery calls them Sweet Sapphire."

Grapes don't last long enough in our house to turn to raisins. I devour them - to the detriment of my diet. That sounds like a most practical way of shopping. Sometimes I leave Husband to choose eg steaks. I can go off, do a bundle of shopping, come back and he will still be standing there, working out which is best value, which looks nicest, which one he wants.

Thanks for the chuckle, Liz. My husband pays almost no attention to prices and such. If the sign says, "Buy one, get one free." he picks up one. I must admit, though, that like you, I can whiz through several isles while HH gathers 6 canned goods - which is why I love to leave the canned goods to him so that I am free to hit the "sales" isles, fresh meat counter, frozen fish counters, et cetera.

Each pair works out its own system.

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