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January 19, 2020


Shrieking noise from the battery controls? Maybe sumpthing wrong ? ;-)

Stu--You nailed it. Shrieking should indicate that one or more cells of the battery needs additional water; however, over the years and over at least two batteries and control sets (I seem to recall three, but can't prove it), topping off the cells has never stopped the shrieking. The service guys, no matter how often they came, could not "fix" the problem nor tell us why we had a problem. Obviously, there was something wonky in the electrical circuits, somewhere. We gave up - decided it wasn't worth replacing the system every few months since we couldn't hear the shriek well, anyway.

When Bogie was here, I checked back to see how long it had been since the system had been serviced. It had been five years and, at that time, we paid $80 for a service call during which the technician could find nothing wrong - again! This time we decided it was time to go to a different system design. In a year (or less?) we'll know if the new design is any better. If the new design for the sump pump system does as well as the new design that we went to on the HVAC system, we'll be well pleased. Of course, newer designs have been more expensive to install and maintain. (Installation was 5X as much on HVAC and 7X as much on the sump pump system.)

Thank goodness it is fixed! although the beeping was bearable while upstairs (more so in the living room as opposed to in the kitchen because of proximity), downstairs it was more than a nuisance. And your "fix" of unplugging it while I was there was not really the best solution(although it worked, bad things happen for those of us that are forgetful). Glad I could be of service, in so many ways, by complaining :)

Bogie--Thanks for the laugh. Since we had few options when I was a kid, I was taught to "put up with it" and "shut up"! You must take after your dad in not having learned that. *laughing*

Actually I was more concerned that there could be dire consequences if that wasn't taken care of when I first mentioned it. I didn't know what the alarm was for until I mentioned it. Knowing you have tinnitus and Dad didn't seem to hear it (I KNOW he would have grumbled), I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of it.

As is the case, frequently, in these days of electronics that "warn" us about every little thing, nothing dire was going on.
; ) Thanks for caring!

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