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December 18, 2019


Downy and Hairy woodpeckers are quite common here and frequent bird feeders - both seed and suet feeders.

Pileateds are not rare, but I only get sightings every couple of years so I am super excited when I see them. I have seen them at this house at least 3 times, which is more than I saw them at the other house. I've also seen them several times swooping across the road as I was driving along rt 149, so I know they are in the area.

I've seen flickers and red bellied only a couple of times - flickers on occasion get attracted to shiny metal and can become a nuisance banging on wood stove pipes when they get fixated.

On another note, I saw a raven the other day flying over the yard. I don't see those often and was again awed by its size as it flew overhead. It was being chased by several crows who were none too happy that it was in their territory.

Bogie--You see Hairy woodpeckers much more frequently than do we. It's been a few years since my last sighting. We, generally, have a couple of pairs of Downies hanging about. Red Bellied woodpeckers are nearly as common as Downy, while flickers make their appearance every few weeks. Yes, a woodpecker drumming on some part of the house can be quite distracting.

We don't get ravens around here; but, we do get American and Fish Crows. The two have the occasional rumble.

It is pretty comical that I am used to seeing crows being chased, or at least being harassed by smaller birds concerned for their eggs/chicks. So it was kind of weird seeing crows do the chasing.

That is different, Bogie. BTW: While eating lunch, I watched three flickers (2 of which were yellow-shafted and I failed to notice the 3rd's plumage) playing tag 'way back in the woods.

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