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December 14, 2019


Maybe while I am there we can find you a deal on a new smartphone. Although I will admit that I don't have any experience on anything but Samsung.

Bogie--Thank you for coming up with a project for us. I appreciate the thinking (and don't believe for an instant that I wouldn't take advantage of you!) but, your dad has been trying to buy me a new smart phone for several years - to no avail. I don't want or need a smart phone. Verizon offers two flip phones; but, I'm holding off on getting one of them until the bitter end. When they turn off my service, I'll switch. (Is that bull-headed or what?) Wouldn't hanging towel bars be more fun?

I'm thinking a smart phone has the Word/Excel etc capabilities that you so enjoy (at least mine does - and I didn't have to download anything to have those programs). You don't have to turn on the "smart" portion of it if you don't want.

Hey, but it's your phone and you can use what you want.

Bogie--Absolutely, we get to choose what we use; however, Verizon (and Sprint) won't provide service for a smart phone unless I buy data service for it. Not only am I bull-headed, but I am CHEAP!

Perhaps you can give me guidance, while you are here, that may straighten out my misperceptions?

Or...we could prune the roses!

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