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December 12, 2019


Tip: when the batteries run out on your calculator, then , if it has a straight edge,
you can use it to hold your slide rule stably ;-)

Boy that brings back memories of Reverse Polish Notation. I never owned any of those models, but had a couple of HPs back in the day.

Stu--Good thought...except...it is the person driving my slide rule that is unstable...not the slide rule, itself! What I didn't like about the first couple of generations of HP calculators was that they used a "special" battery pack. Fortunately, The HP-48GX runs on three each, plain vanilla AAA cells. Much cheaper and easier to come by.

Ingineer--Yes, good old RPN. When people started giving out little solar-powered, four-function calculators as "freebies", I didn't really know what to do with them. I have them stashed, strategically, around the house (kitchen, sewing room, shop); but, still find myself trying to use RPN on them on occasion. Of course, it's a dead give away when I can't find the <Enter> button after keying in the first number. The HP-48GX is right here at my elbow when I'm sitting at my desktop computer.

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