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December 23, 2019


So glad Pennie was in line after you! Her actions are generous and admirable.

Dudette--She is a good one!

That was sure nice of both of you. A great story.

Ingineer--'Tis the season, eh? I trust you have been having good family times?

As a post script to the posting: I bought a few things, Saturday, and intentionally stood in the line of the checker who had been on duty when Pennie paid for my groceries. I told Spencer, "See? I brought my wallet this time!" and told him of taking the repayment over to Pennie, promptly. He and I exchanged a few more words about how kind Pennie had been. It's a "feel good" tale.

What a wonderful thing for her to do - and for you to reciprocate. Hope the season was festive and that 2020 will be most excellent!

Yes, we have had good family times here for Christmas and a few days off from work to rest up as well. Looking forward to another new year. But it’s 2020, where is my flying car?

It's in the mail.

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