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November 22, 2019


Tip : put the trash can next to the printer ;-)

I hate the flat keyboards - and the shape of the generic mouse included. I didn't even give them a chance beyond the first 5 minutes when I got my new computer. Years ago I went to a Staples and tried out the various shapes and sizes of mice and keyboards. I liked specific Logitech models and bought the wireless variety. I transferred those to the new computer.

The flat keyboard and generic mouse from my new computer (which are also wireless) now sit on my printer stand, where I have the charging station and monitor set up for my work laptop. They are fine for that application since I don't use them often as well as not having much room for a keyboard there anyway. My printer has been relegated to the top of a file cabinet - thank goodness it is wireless.

Stu--Thanks for the hot tip; but, that is a recycle bin. (So there! ; )

As positioned, the recycle bin is accessible when I sit at the computer desk/printer stand and when I am in my reading chair - to the left of the recycle bin. Most of the recyclables are stuff received by USPS mail. (The trash bin is blue and situated next to my reading chair, at right angle to the recycle bin - also accessible when I'm sitting at the computer.)

Bogie--You are really good at working to get what you really want. Kudos! Unsightly as the spaghetti of wires is, and a pain to sort out at times, I prefer wired to wireless. I'm having a heck of a time finding wired speakers. (Note that my all-in-one printer can be used wirelessly - or - I could print on your dad's large LaserJet printer wirelessly, if I wanted; but, I connect to my all-in-one via USB port.)

I don't enjoy the hassle of replacing batteries and taking them to hazardous waste disposal; but, a few years ago I did buy HH a wireless mouse to use with his laptop. Unfortunately, the tank vacuum that I bought in September has a battery-powered light. The batteries are still in the wrapping!

I'm becoming accustomed to the flat keyboard and may well learn to like it better than the old keyboard. The mouse is a little large for my hand, so I may go back to the one I'd used for several years. I used to carry my own mouse with me when on assignment to a disaster relief operation.

What a tidy desk. Does it stay like that?
That is an awful lot of water. Good job you had a hose system.

Liz--Would anyone believe me if I told you, "Yes, it does?" (Please don't be that gullible, folks.)

This is the first time that I've had to carry so much water, so far to new trees. The first two trees that we planted (one sugar maple, one gingko) were in the front yard. We had so much rain that year that I had to bail water out of their holes for days and days. Otherwise, trees have been of a size that I could water them with a couple of buckets of water every few days. I counted that as exercise since there were usually at least two or three of the new trees each year. The nursery man said that I could get away with 20 gals, each new gingko, once per month - during the winter. During the growing season, it'll be 20 gals, each, once per week (depending upon rainfall or drought, of course).

If a cluttered desk (like mine) is a sign of a cluttered mind,
what then is an empty desk?
:evil grin:

Liz--Please see the photo that I added, showing my computer desk as it appeared seven days, nearly to the minute, after the photo showing the computer/monitor setup. The later photo is fairly indicative of the usual state of my computer desk.

Stu--An empty desk, in my case is the sign of a miracle, a tornado's passing, or system replacement. BTW: Who would credit you with a grin of any kind other than evil? *chuckling*

I am not a fan of the new minimalist keyboards either. I like the old fashioned ones where you actually push down on the keys. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Ingineer--I've gotten somewhat used to the flat keyboard; but, if I continue to use it I'll add little plastic, raised dots to the zero (at the top, not on the number pad, which gives me no problem but isn't much used), and backspace keys. Those are the two that I have the most trouble finding (and the dash next to the zero which marking the zero key will solve). I may also add them to the eff and jay keys as my old fingers can't feel the very slight ridges that were manufactured on them. BTW: Bogie wrote a nice posting about her computer setups and why she prefers wireless peripherals.

Thanks for the well wishes. HH and I had a lazy day, yesterday. We're invited to WichiDude & Dudette's home, tomorrow, where all of our local family will, I presume, gobble down her traditional meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, jellied cranberry sauce, black & green olives, rolls from her grandmother's secret recipe & butter, pecan pie, and chocolate pie (that's mostly whipped cream).

I hope that you and your family had/will have a delicious, delightful Thanksgiving.

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