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November 02, 2019


That is pretty funny. But, I have to admit I've done that with my reading glasses (on top of my head, in my hands, or staring right at them and I have to go find another pair).

As long as you can laugh at yourself for such foibles, then all is good!

One of the reasons for buying after-market satnavs for cars and bike was that I then didn't have to remember actively where I was going ;-)

Bogie--Or...I look for my glasses while wearing them.

Stu--That would be tough! I rarely use my satnav system; but, I turned it on the other day while taking Elegant Friend for a ride following our lunch. I got into the country, in unfamiliar territory. Not wishing to make a U-turn (and see the same scenery on the way back to EF's apartment), I wanted a perpendicular road that would lead me to another major north/south road. I set the satnav to take me to Wonderful GrandDaughter's house, which is in the north part of Wichita, and let it lead me to a road that connected with the major north/south road near her home - then cancelled the guidance.

That sounds so familiar!

A first for me the other day. I was reading about an event I was interested in on Facebook on my phone and I started looking for my phone to check my calendar to see if I could attend.

Liz--It would be a rare person who hasn't had such events, wouldn't it?

Ingineer--Thanks for that one! Reminds me of "The Space Probe Disintegration" episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon, in a cell phone signal dead zone (with Leonard, Penney, & Amy) makes numerous false moves toward doing something with his phone - each time, belatedly realizing that his phone won't access anything.

Sort of like thinking we'll heat something in the microwave when the electric range doesn't work during a power outage.

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