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October 27, 2019


Nice collection of puns, Carthaginian indeed.

Stu--So is the shekel. Are you playing with punic?


Ingineer--Yesterday, HH and I were discussing how you may/may not be affected by the current spate of fires out there. With the data loss that I recently had, I couldn't look up to see where you are now living, so wasn't sure. Good luck!

Thank you for thinking of me. Earlier this year we moved to Roseville which is just east of Sacramento. We have had power through all of the shut offs and no fires close to us. It looks like the area north of Wine Country is getting hit pretty hard among others this Fall.
We did live in Chico which is just below Paradise where the Camp Fire hit about a year ago. There is still only about 10% of the original population of Paradise living in the town.

Here's one more for your collection :-

Reading a French novel is like swimming in shark-infested seas :
the last thing you see is the Fin ;-)

Ingineer--Thanks for the update. I have updated my spreadsheet on blog friends to reflect that you've left Chico and now live in Roseville. (It was Outlook data that was lost.) Better news is your (fingers crossed) non-involvement in this year's fires.

Stu--Bad, bad, bad! (Groaning)

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