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October 31, 2019


Gosh, that is one cute little bird. I've never seen a wild hummingbird. A lot of creatures - and plants - seem confused by the climate these days.

Yep winter is early this year. My buddy in Boulder CO texted the other day that it was 1 degree F when he was going to work. He thinks that is a record low for October there. Not sure what to do about the birds. They should be off to warmer climes by now.

I just have to laugh at everyone I know in AZ, KS and TX - we haven't seen snow yet in lower NH [sticking tongue out].

Well, I hope the little guy figures it out because I can't see how he could possibly live thru a winter regardless of how dedicated you are to providing unfrozen nectar. I wonder if he was injured (maybe a pulled wing muscle) and had to stop to heal up before moving on?

Liz--While living in New Mexico and California, I saw about five species of hummingbirds, but there are even more species in Texas (I was 3 years old when I lived there, so don't recall) and Arizona (which state has only served me as a route to elsewhere). Here in Kansas, we rarely see anything other than the ruby-throated.

Ingineer--Rather than say that winter came early, this year, I would say that it came suddenly. Our gingko shed its leaves while they were still green because it hadn't time to turn them to gold. Every other year, the leaves have turned to gold, then they all fall down one night. Green leaves are making the raking more rigorous for me!

Bogie--Your cruel streak is showing - lol. Yes, I hope the little guy leaves; but, if/when he does, I'll not know whether that is the case or whether he died. He could be aging, ill, injured. Unlike most of our hummers, he hasn't often hovered while feeding. He's been, as in the photos, sitting on the feeder edge. The little guy seems to come to our feeder only a very few times each day; so, I don't know whether someone else is feeding him or whether he is spending so much time in torpor that he doesn't need more. It's the not knowing that is hard.

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