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October 05, 2019


Very cool on the free food and the industrious work on removing the tree. On a separate note, we attended the Capital Airshow today at Mather field. Got to see “Doc” fly and sitting on the ground. There were other displays as well including the Blue Angels.

Good job on figuring out how to get that "widow-maker" down.

Always nice to get a nice surprise like a melon!

Ingineer--I'm happy that you got to see "Doc". It's been a while since I've seen the Blue Angels perform; although, as I'm sure I've told you, I worked in the hangar next to theirs at Pensacola while doing my ACDUTRA and week-end drills with the USNR in 1981-1982.

Bogie--Thanks, Bogie. You reminded me, in mentioning surprises, that the seed pods on the balsam/touch-me-nots should be about ready for me to show your dad how they "explode" when touched.

BTW: Your dad has his right-hand cataract taken out this Thursday.

That would be cool to work next to the Blue Angels. We watched them practice at Pensacola once while my oldest daughter was stationed there in 2005. The museum was great.

Wow, he must have liked the results from the first eye to agree to go ahead with the second one. Good for him!

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