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September 05, 2019


I don't remember seeing those fabrics before - but I don't remember so many things that it is entirely possible (maybe even probable) that you did show them to me. I like the animals print although the oranges aren't really my preferred colors.

Looking at the first picture of the strips, I agree with HH - too dark for me (of course I have no idea how my cataracts and KC influence how I see it). I like the final design. The yellow does seem to be a bit out of its element, but the colors surrounding the star definitely go with the other fabric.

Hope HH's surgery goes well and he is pleased (and pleasantly surprised) by the results. I know he is nervous, and I can't blame him.

Bogie--I don't know why I didn't think to show them to you; but, I think you are just as happy as things turned out.

Yes, I agree that the Batiks make for a dark quilt top; but, I'm not averse to dark ones. You can tell that I do like the brighter ones, though. Your dad's first quilt was started in a class wherein the sample quilt was all blah tans/browns/creams.

Yes, your dad is dithering. He came in a while ago to ask something about the eyedrops he was going to take, today. He walked away a bit happier when I reminded him that the eyedrops start tomorrow.

I know that your dad's vision isn't as bad as was mine when I finally got a surgeon to agree to the surgery. I was eager and found the result life-changing! He'll be fine - as long as he doesn't fall into the 5% of people who have problems with the surgery.

I'm very happy with how the quilt has turned out and wouldn't change it even if I could!

What are the eye drops for?

Bogie--The greatest risk to successful cataract surgery is infection. The drops reduce that risk. That is also the big reason most surgeons wait a month between surgeries on the two eyes. If one eye gets infected, the spacing reduces the risk of losing the sight in both eyes through infection. At least, that's what I recall being told 10 years ago.

Indiscreet question :
Is there such a thing as a Braille/textured quilt for those who lose their eyesight?

Absolutely, Stu; although, few feature Braille. For instance, you might visit this webpage: https://www.pinterest.com/ricekorban/quilts-for-the-blind/. When I was a child, I knew that people who have little or no vision sewed. See https://archive.nfb.org/Images/nfb/Publications/books/kernel1/kern1406.htm for a first-person account. As an adult, I've learned that some such people extend sewing to quilting. In the above narrative, the writer who was born blind writes, "As I grew older, I came across blind girls and women who had been actively discouraged from doing things I learned as a child. Sewing for me has provided employment, relaxation, challenge, and accomplishment. It has helped me to learn about fabrics, styles, and colors. There are things I never attempted (some because of blindness) but most because of lack of time. Perhaps one day I may still take up some new kinds of sewing such as quilting. I know it would be delightful to do if I ever get to it."

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