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September 15, 2019


But can HH see better now?

Stu--I don't know. Observing HH's visual acuity testing told me nothing because I had not been present for his pre-operative testing. I do know that, in my own case, my vision took six months to settle down to where the new lenses that I ordered were good for at least one year. I'll let you grill HH on the subject as he is not one who takes kindly to it! I save my breath for trying to get HH to follow his physician's "suggestions".

P.S. He did note, following surgery, that it made "a little" difference in his color perception in that eye.

Stu--Better answer: Today, in his 1-week post-op exam, they asked HH if he was seeing better from his left eye, now. His reply, "No one told me to watch for that, so I don't know." From the horse's mouth!

The visual acuity testing showed that his distant vision in the left eye is now equivalent to what it was while wearing his glasses before surgery. Good show!

Something that I should mention: I told Dr Winn that the anesthesia had knocked HH for a loop and asked if they could give him something less prone to causing severe cognitive dysfunction. "I like that word" said she. She continued that she would ask that HH be given only half as much anesthesia when she does his right eye on October 10.

Dr Winn was surprised to learn that, after leaving his first post-op session with her, HH had no idea what she had told him. Since then, he's been smart enough to request my presence at the sessions with Dr Winn. Until this episode, I had not taken very seriously the advice given us old people - to have another person sit in on our sessions with health care providers.

Oh, and HH is out running, as I type, having been cleared to do so!

Poor HH, that kind of reaction would not be fun to go thru. It's one thing if it is physical, quite another if it involves how the mind works (which causes worry, which may affect cognition, and the cycle perpetuates). If nothing else, I would expect him to have better night vision in that eye.

On another note, just for information, find out what kind of anesthesia he was given. At the very least, his general practitioner should know that he had these issues. I'm actually surprised that they wouldn't try a different anesthesia for the second eye (although it would not surprise me if he declines doing the other eye after this).

Also, please ask him to sign a statement that you be present for ANY medical discussions and have it on file (it would have to be renewed yearly most likely).

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