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August 01, 2019


Now THAT is an interesting blogpost. Thanks for the links. I forget that you stateside folks don't get to see Spitfires often, we don't see P-51s too often.

Spitfire PR disaster anecdote.
About 40 years ago the UK Battle-of-Britain squadron visited our airshow (in Germany) having contracted to display a Spitfire. They had replaced the machine guns with 8 flashing lights in the leading edges. It may have been Ray Hanna flying???

Anyway, he came in low, really low, like through the gap between the trees, with strafing "guns" flashing. So realistic that half the old folks watching threw themselves into the dirt!


Stu--Thanks for the tale. It's too bad that the "old folks" didn't have a bit of forewarning. They may have laughed, later, but it was probably heart-stopping for them during the strafing run.

No, although US Army Air Corps pilots flew Spitfires, not many Spitfires made it to the States. I should have included a couple of links to Steve Brooks - one for his co-exploits via helicopters, the other his company website.

Although I do love the sound of the old prop planes, what I really enjoyed was watching the flames from the burnoff in the engine compartment.

Hope you get to see the planes as they pass thru the midwest.

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