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August 27, 2019


Nice town you live in, but

Stu--They don't call it prairie for nothing! Do you wonder that Bogie prefers New Hampshire and that I prefer New Mexico? Actually, I have nothing against the topography, just the weather.

I've lived in all sorts of states with all sorts of topographies and I truly found that each place has its charms. I loved Kansas topography when I first started flying. Nearly the whole state is emergency landing candidate. In fact, the county in which we live just banned wind farms because of the hazard they might pose to the multitude of airports we have. Unfortunately, our nearest little airport was closed about 20 years ago and an area of housing intended for us old people built there - single floor patio homes that are handicap accessible.

I've lived in the flattest state: Florida.

What a lovely place with all those parks and sculptures. But as Stu says, so flat!

Liz--Derby isn't a bad little place - about 24,750 population. We first chose to live here in 1960 because we could rent a house cheaply, we were a 6-minute drive from work (Boeing), and they had a reputation for good schools. The population was about 6,000 in those days. Derby was pretty much a bedroom suburb of Wichita. Now, Derby has over 600 businesses to call its own.

Since we first moved to Derby, we have lived in the State of Washington and City of Wichita. In addition, Hunky Husband has lived in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area). I have lived/worked in Florida, New Mexico, California (Los Angeles region and San Francisco region), State of Washington (again!), and Pennsylvania (Scranton-Wilkes Barre area). Those are just the places where HH/I stayed long enough to have at least an apartment. We each traveled a lot for our companies, HH much more than I - and his travel was International while my was States-side.

Having lived in Derby for a total of 55 years, HH isn't about to live anywhere else! It would take more than a stick of dynamite to make him budge! (I've lived in Derby for a total of 48 years, so I'm not so stuck on it - lol!)

I love both NH and KS - and the preference of where I live now has almost nothing to do with topography (I do appreciate the mountains and ocean so close though). It has more to do with jobs and taxes :)

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