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July 21, 2019


Not quite : Frost's fork was in a yellow wood and the path less travelled was overgrown...

At least, as I remember it.

Good pun though :-)

Stu--I noted the pun in a recent headline on your blog: "Hold the front page!"

All--For those who haven't visited Stu's blog recently, the posting was a photo of Stu holding the front page of a German newspaper, Bild, from the day of the moon landing in 1969. As I translate the headline: "The moon is now a Yank."

Stu & All--Some of the European temperatures have been higher than ours were during our recent heat wave. Stu cited Lingen as having reached 108ᵒF and our newspaper said that Paris had set a new record high of 108.6ᵒF, if I recall correctly. We "only" reached 103ᵒF on the hottest of the several days.

The BILD headline is also a pun.
The headline could also mean : "The moon is now a friend",
punning on the French word "Ami".

Stu--When I first wrote my translation, I did translate "Ami" as "friend"; but, I realized that in French, the word would not be capitalized so went with the German idiomatic use. Somehow, it still didn't trip my "punic" (or should I use Punic - lol?) detector. Thanks for pointing it out.

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