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July 27, 2019


That is very cool on achieving your goal on the white one.

I like the white between the reds.

Wow, that pilot had a heck of a trip coming down - 40 minutes and 65 miles from the ejection point would have seemed an eternity even if he hadn't been battered so badly!

I don't think I'm familiar with crepe myrtle but they look very pretty.

Liz--The crepe myrtle is not native to Europe or the States. As crapemyrtletrails.com writes, "Lagerstroemia indica was the common crape myrtle species from which all varieties originated prior to 1960. Its name would suggest that it was native to India, but actually its home is China."

Note that some people spell "crepe" as "crape". My own observation is that those in the area of the States in which they were first abundantly planted, the South, spell it "crepe". With climate change, the zone in which crepe myrtle thrives moves northward. My mother tried to grow crepe myrtle at our house in Kansas City and was always disappointed that it winter-killed to ground level each winter. Since I first planted crepe myrtles (2002), I believe they've only been winter-killed to ground level once or twice. (Kansas City is approximately 75 miles north of us.)

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