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July 14, 2019


That is a lovely wall/garden. How talented Bogie is.

I had expected an apostrophe somewhere in that headline :-)

Liz--Talent + hard work = lovely wall/garden, thank you. You, also, have talent in gardening if your blog postings are to be believed.
; )

Stu--Punster that you are, of course you would have! I should hire you as my headline writer. : )

Thank you Cop Car & Liz!

I took one landscaping class in '03 or '04 at the local community college. It wasn't a real class - more along the lines as yoga, cooking, conversational German classes open to the public at night. I think it was a couple hours one night a week for 4 weeks - just enough to get you familiar with some native plants, concepts of arrangement, sizing concerns, and knowing if the landscaper you want to hire has good ideas.

As far as not being friends on FB - I didn't even get on FB until after Cop Car had left it so there was never a privacy issue as far as I have been concerned.

Lovely roses! Do they smell as good as they look?

Bogie--I had not known that you were not on FB when I was. I didn't check because I did not wish to stalk my own daughter - lol! Yes, the roses smell as lovely as they look. (I added the next bouquet to the posting.) I don't buy roses that don't have a lovely fragrance. Even the yellow "Mr Lincoln" smells good!

During our triple-digit temperatures these past several days, I have made sure to dead-head and water the roses every second day. They seem to be tolerating the heat. I have been thinking of you - wondering about your heat/heat indices since I know most people up there have no air conditioning (other than your state's wonderful trees).

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