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June 23, 2019


You seem to have no shortage of excitement from the weather. Glad the actual tornado skipped past.

Ingineer--To my knowledge, no tornado was ever confirmed. The warning had been issued based on radar indications of possible rotation. Having driven around town at about Noon, I found that most of the damage was centered on the strip of town that extends northward about 1/2 mile from us and southward about 3/4 mile from us. The damage appeared to me, like our own, to be from straight line winds basically from the west. The storm itself was moving east-northeast at about 45 mph according to radar.

Oops! I see that a Derby Fire Dept member said that, "Worst damage was in this rectangular area enclosed by K-15, Meadowlark, Rock and Madison. Here, larger trees were uprooted due to high winds and wet, soft ground, Gonzalez said." which places the worst damage about 1 mile north of where I placed it, excluding us.

Jason & Tanya (next door up-creek from us) were supposed to have headed for Dayton OH on the 14th. Jason wanted to do more work on the house (mostly inside but including replacing most of their deck at the rear of their house), so they are still here. I asked if they weren't sorry that they had not left on time. They think the high water and major damage to several of their trees (1 in front, but several along the creek) was their house's way of conveying to them that they should not move to Dayton! BTW: Jason thinks my wind speed estimate is much too low. He's probably correct since The Wichita Eagle reports that winds in Derby reached 111mph. How that was measured and by whom, I don't know. I doubt that the wind that crossed our property was that high.

The creek is still up, eight hours after the photo that I posted.

Fred (next door down-creek from us) must not be at home this weekend. His dogs haven't been out nor have I seen him. I usually see him, at least, between 7:00am and 8:00pm, even on weekends. It turns out that his fence has more damage than I had seen. At the corner of his fence, he has a dead tree. It lost a major limb that tumbled into our yard and toppled into his fence, shredding several boards. Then, on the other side of his yard, there are several boards missing, here and there.

There were three places around town where power and/or communication lines were down. (Within our own neighborhood, all utility lines are buried.) The Derby Fire Dept had a crew out with a ladder truck and chief's truck, evaluating damage to businesses located near the Arkansas River on the western edge of town.

Thanks for dropping by and for the well wishes.

Too bad that the redbud tree sustained damage. Will the maple tree be able to rebound from the beating it took from the fence?

Glad everyone and everything is relatively alright!

Bogie--Well...that little clump of redbud trees was free (from fallen seeds), so no big deal. The fence did no permanent damage. Fred came home at 6:00pm that day and reassembled the fence on both sides of his yard before retiring. The next day he asked me how much he owed me for the damage to our flowers. My answer: "Not a damn thing!" No permanent damage done to anything. I've staked the tree to help it regain its uprightness and have been digging up fennel plants because they are beginning to take over the place (same for the poke weeds that I had allowed to grow near the house, under your dad's bedroom windows). Mostly because of the thousands of dollars that I had spent on taking out dead trees and limbs in the past three years, we had no major damage at all!

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