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June 09, 2019


I thought Queen Anne's lace was a tall plant but I could be mistaken.

I started reading from the bottom of the post apparently :)

I'll bet the fresh-picked cherries were delicious and it was nice of the birds to leave plenty for you guys!

Bogie--Thanks for making me look up info on QAL plants. Yes, they are 1-4 feet tall - which is in line with the height of our plants. The blossom heads of the QAL in the photo had been knocked down by the wind and rain overnight. Amazingly enough, I slept right through it - sleeping at least eight hours straight. (Who knew that I could do that?)

I now believe that Elder Brother was correct, having seen photos and writeups of QAL, online.

Yes, the cherries are delicious. I just don't have the stamina for pitting them, anymore (it stress out my upper back muscles!) That sounds more forgivable than my admitting to being lazy, doesn't it?

Addition of 6/12/2019: I believe the "QAL" to be a white yarrow. Please see addition to posting - at the bottom of the posting.

Now the height issue makes more sense.

Herbstalk gave a great description of the differences, thank you for the link.

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