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April 12, 2019


Same here in Germany , CC. Snow showers and -2°C :-(
High over Norway, Low over Greece, So the Beast from the East is pushing Siberian cold air
via Moskow and Warsaw all the way here. Still, it never lasts more than a week, so by
Wednesday we should have +12°C again. Hope your weather improves too :-)

Stu--We know that we are not alone in our weather. In western Kansas, they had 32°C at noon on Wednesday but were at -2°C by 6 AM on Thursday and at -5°C by 6 AM on Friday. (Then they hit 12°C at noon, Friday.)

We hit 29°C at noon on Wednesday, 3°C by 6 AM on Thursday, and -1°C by 6 AM on Friday. (Then we hit 14°C during the day, Friday!)

I pulled the mulch back over the roses, partially, in the early evening, yesterday. (They look happy, this morning.) We're expecting 11°C this afternoon. Unfortunately, although northwestern Kansas got in on the blizzard, we had nary a flake.

Actually, this isn't all new to any of us, is it? I recall when we moved back to Wichita area from Seattle in late February 1967. Our first day back the temperature was in the high 20s (°C), but about -8°C a day or two later.

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