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March 12, 2019


A couple of good ones.

Ingineer--Happy to see that you've reached the point in your re-settlement where you can sneak in a moment or too to gad about.

Ice cream is always acceptable.

Always, Liz! Through age 14, I spent at least a week or two with my mother's maternal grandparents each summer (and even longer with my paternal grandmother). Often my great-grandmother would give me a dollar to run out to the small grocery store that was a couple of blocks west of them to buy a pint of vanilla ice cream. That would be her supper. (My great grandfather's supper was usually/always a drinking glass full of crumbled, left-over biscuits and cornbread that he salted and peppered and covered with milk. I've no memory of what they fed me.) During my first pregnancy, the only thing I could keep down for a couple of months was vanilla ice cream. [When I returned from the hospital after giving birth to Dudette (1959), I weighed 15 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight!] For the past 35 years, my favorite ice cream, other than snow ice cream, has been Häagen-Dazs® Vanilla Chocolate Chip, to which I was introduced while working in Los Angeles.

I love Dilbert!

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