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February 22, 2019


I sent an email to Ronni Bennett: "I just reprised a posting from 2005, in which I recounted having been in a blizzard in Virginia in 1983. (If you have time/interest/feel up to reading a lengthy posting, it’s at: https://jelliclecat.typepad.com/.) I thought you might enjoy reading the comment that you contributed - which is included in the re-posting. I know that I loved it!"

Ronni replied: "Oh, [CC], I don't think I've thought about that incident since I wrote this. It was so funny when it happened that even I laughed. And of course, it was a big winner for the producers and editors at CBS News. It's exactly the kind of thing they were picturing when they sent out the cameraman to get "blizzard shots" for the evening news.

"Thanks for sending it."

Fortunately, since I am no longer on the production floor, I can usually remote in so don't have to go out in extreme conditions. Since I now work 50 miles away, that is a real blessing.

That is a great story. Driving in a blizzard with no wipers sounds like an adventure.

Ingineer--Geri's driving was truly amazing and we did have quite the adventure.

Hope your new digs measure up to your enthusiasm. Good luck!

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