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January 17, 2019


All Bad things Come in threes they say 😈.
I had a puncture, a leak in the dryer, and at the moment a HW crash of the laptop. Which is why I'm Not bloģging this week.

Stu--Yes, but you and I know that "they" don't know that of which they speak - lol. Sorry about your puncture, leak (gas leak?), and crash. Unlike you, and although I was always meticulous in pre-flighting aircraft, I don't bother checking my tires. With the newer tires, I can't tell (by looking) if one is low - although - from the photo of your punctured tire, I would probably have noticed it. I try to think to put a gage to each tire on a monthly basis; but, if one of my tires is 10% low, my instrument cluster tells me about it. That's happened only once - a year or two ago - and I do not recall what type of fastener I had picked up in that tire.

Looking forward to your laptop's being fixed. Should one assume that it was your phone that gave you the "Ä£"? Not speaking Latvian, I started to change it for you, but decided against it.

Laptop 98% revived now, new blogpost up. Yes, my mobile phone fights against me typing English :-(

You have certainly had a few challenges so far. Hopefully you have had your fill and the future will be uneventful.

Hey, weren't you about due for a kitchen fire? After all, those were a regular happening WIWAK, so I think you have just been skating by for some time :(). thank goodness all fires have been put out before they did damage - please at least keep that streak alive!

Stu--Glad to hear that you've made progress on your laptop, and happy to "hear" from you using any of your devices. I've never felt the need to subscribe to a data service for my Smartphone, so that would not be an option for me (unless I used HH's phone, of course - not about to happen!)

Bogie--Well, this flame wasn't large enough to qualify as a real fire, or I would have to count all of my dishtowels and potholders that have caught flame from the same burner. It is against my principles to acknowledge having set fire(s) using gas stoves. I acknowledge as "real", fires that have been on/in electrical stoves: 1) in Derby on Park Lane when you were about 18 months old (when I turned on the wrong heating element - powering the one under a skillet of grease instead of the one under a pot of stew - which caused about $600, in 1963 dollars, in smoke damage), 2) in Derby on Georgie when you were almost age five (fire in the oven - that I smothered by putting a baking sheet over the 9"x13" pan of blazing fat that I had forgotten was in the oven), and in Wichita in the Eastborough Arms town house when you were age five (which was the most exciting since, when I discovered it, I had stripped to put my clothes in the washing machine!) Did I forget any? If not, all of my "real" fires were caused by my poor hand-eye coordination or poor memory - while I was still in my 20s! (I am pretty good at putting out fires, by now.)

Oh! I didn't set it; but, I stomped out a wastebasket fire when working in Pennsylvania in 1988. A smoker had emptied an ashtray into a wastebasket that contained papers. When I saw the blaze, I was dressed for blizzard-y weather, so dumped the mess out on the floor and stomped the flames out (wearing the boots I had purchased for parachuting a few years earlier). The guys from an Israeli company, who were working on a proposal with us at the time, took great delight in describing the scene when others came in from Israel.

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