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January 29, 2019


That is a really great story. I have been following you for a few years now and somehow, I never knew that you were in the Navy. My aunt was in the Navy and Naval Reserve. She was called back to active duty in New Orleans in the early 80’s and was also the first woman to make Commander at Treasure Island.

Grace Hopper had a hat like that too; she'd show up to give lectures at times in full USN uniform :-)

Ingineer--Thanks for your comment. To be clear: I was a member of the US Naval Reserves, serving only my two weeks' active duty for training (ACDUTRA) each year on active duty. Who knows? I may have seen/saluted your aunt during my Advanced Pay Grade Indoctrination Course in NOLA. She would still have been an unusual sighting in 1981, as a female US Navy officer.

Stu--Had I not served, I would not note the difference; but, the officer's cap differs from the enlisted cap. In addition, because of her high rank, Hopper's cap had "scrambled eggs" on it (please see the photos that I added to the posting.) BTW: In the navy I learned to call a cap/hat a "cover".

I remember watching a video back in the day of Admiral Hopper handing out Nanoseconds and she had a Millisecond with her and explained the difference.

Ingineer--You and Stu were lucky to have heard and seen ADM Hopper. I was never that fortunate; but, I was always a fan of hers. I wonder if she had any idea how many of us looked up to her. [Later: Oops, I misread. You only got to see a video :- o ]

P.S. I thought it clever of her to come up with the wires representing the travel of an electrical signal during passage of a Nanosecond versus a Millisecond. Visual aides help us understand what might otherwise be "just" an idea.

Yes visual aids work wonders with kids and grown ups alike. I remember wishing at the time that I was in a bigger town where famous people like her visited.

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