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December 03, 2018


Congratulations to HH :-)

Stu--Upon reading your comment, HH asked me to give you his thanks. (You are very kind.)

Very cool. Way to go HH. And finding some cash is always fun.

Congrats to HH! What a star.

And a wise move to begin on the paper sorting. they say you're supposed to keep statements and bills for something like 7 years but many of mine are from the previous century.

Liz--Oh, My Dear, you've not heard the half of it. The financial papers, we keep sorted by year (at least I know I do and I assume that HH does the same!) and then, each year, throw the 8-year-old papers away. Well...that's true for most of my financial stuff. I still have every pay stub I ever received, going back 66 years!

As to sorting other stuff, perhaps I'll cut this off and cover our cleanup and volunteer efforts in a separate posting.

BTW: Yes, thank you, HH has been a star - not only for the Red Cross but for me.

Liz - technically it is 7 years, but within the last 2 weeks I found that I had to provide W-2's from 8 & 10 years ago. Good thing I had them as some of the places no longer exist nor would I know how to find any of the people.

Bogie--You are correct; but, because it is Tax Years that count, I should have told Liz that it is the 9-year-old records that I throw out. I would only need the 10-year-old records to defend myself against fraud - which I should never need as I am an honest taxpayer! You may recall that your Grandmother H worked for the IRS when I was a kid, or it may never have come up in conversation.

Yes, congrats to HH! I’ve kept beyond 7 yrs financial info as figured too much might be better than not enough if ever needed. .

All--Hunky Husband was pleased to be the recipient of so much good will. Thank you for your congratulatory messages - from him, and from me!

Somehow I had neglected to understand that you had all PAY STUBS since long, long ago. W2's are definitely all that is needed - even with the 7 year rule. Unless of course, something hinky happens - such as the EX had one employer go bankrupt and close down during the tax year so he never got an actual W2. we had to disclose all the info in order to be cleared as paying taxes appropriately (and getting the refund for over payment). I kept the stubs for about 20 years just to be on the safe side.

I'm not worried about my being honest - it is what happens with the other party - intentionally or not.

Bogie--Probably, you didn't know about the pay stubs because I think the above comment is the first time it has been mentioned to anyone! Your dad probably doesn't know. The sentence about my own tax honesty was written with tongue in cheek. I've no worries about anyone in our immediate family being dishonest - especially not on taxes.

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