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December 06, 2018


I can SO identify with that, CC!
When I came to Germany (1969) I had just two suitcases (clothes and a dozen photos).
Now the house is filled to overflowing; even the walls are full (paintings etc.)!
I admire your discipline in throwing stuff out. We need to do that too.

Have not heard the name Heathkit in a long time. Vinyl is back in style. You may get more than you think. We had friends of our daughters stay a few days with us last winter and they discovered the record collection in the guest room closet. He is a hobby DJ and asked about some of the records from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We gave them to him and got a nice thank you card and consumable gift in return. It was a win-win and a new generation gets to enjoy them.

Stu--Stuff multiplies while we sleep, I warrant. You had a whole dozen photos? Don't throw those away when you achieve the disciplined state required to start throwing stuff out.

Ingineer--I've posted before that, when we were dating in 1957, HH's and my first spat resulted from my ignoring him when he came to my apartment. I was enthralled in assembling a 20-watt, mono, Heathkit audio amplifier. After marriage, we fought (had deep discussions) on who got to assemble the various tuners, amplifiers, tuner/amplifiers, speakers/cabinets, and TVs from Heathkit. The last kit that I recall working on was a color TV/console; but, HH assembled the tuner/amplifier in the photo, above, and its twin with which he gifted me while we were divorced.

All--Wichidude spent an hour in our basement sorting through 45 rpm vinyl records. He, being a slow and methodical guy, made it through maybe 10% of them, selecting to keep about 1/3 of those. Despite the fact that we have always stored those records flat (instead of, correctly, standing them on edge as we do the larger diameter records), and our records have been moved at least 15 times (including storage in very probably not climate controlled warehouses three times while we looked for or built a house), WichiDude handled those records as though they were precious jewels - even swaddling them in clean paper within the box in which he took them home. Of course, I gave him a hard time over that! At any rate, Wichidude has promised to return (several times) to finish the job. Dudette noted that on the record listing I had emailed them, there were 929 entries for 45 rpm records, alone. [That is not 929 musical pieces. Each entry was for one physical record which usually contained two musical pieces (Sides A & B), but sometimes contained four.]

WichiDude is looking forward to finishing off the wax & vinyl records so that I'll let him start on CDs and magnetic tapes!

This is what I’ve been procrastinating doing, but have long touted we should do for our kids. Along with a variety of music recordings and tapes I have books coming out my ears to part with — also professional documents I should shred. Intended to get into this after my husband died, but unexpectedly got side-tracked by intro to internet.

Joared--How much, if any, extra effort was required of you when your husband died to cope with stuff that he hadn't gotten around to sorting out? Was your husband a neat freak when it came to record/stuff keeping, sparing you some effort?

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