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January 01, 2019


Congratulations 1 and congratulations 2 too ;-)

Happy New Year! Congratulations on anniversary and up-coming “re-anniversary” (couldn’t that be a term?)

Extinguished looking family groups. — okay, that’s corny humor. Distinguished family group and trust you’re all appreciative of one another’s special contributions to the unit.

Stu--Thank you...for both.

Joared--Thanks and, yes, I did notice the great pun. With so few survivors, we must appreciate one another.

What a lovely story! Happy anniversary/New Year to you and HH.

I was confused at first when I read you were going back to junior school after your wedding: here you go to junior school until you're 11!

Liz--Thank you for the well wishes. I got a chuckle from your comment on junior school, thanks. In general, as you probably know, our pre-college schools comprise primary/elementary (ages about 6-11), middle school (ages 12-14), and high school (ages 15-18). That was not the case "in my day". We had elementary school through age about 12, then high school through about age 18. Elder brother skipped 2nd grade and I skipped 11th grade, so we were 17. Younger brother was 18, but he finished his engineering degree in three years, with some sort of honors (don't think I ever knew what level since I was busy having Bogie and completing my own degree in Kansas at the time he completed his degree in Missouri.)

January 1958, I was 19 and a junior (third year) in college while HH was 21 and a senior (fourth year). HH took his first year of college at St Louis College of Pharmacy and his second year at Washington University in St Louis; so, we did not meet until he transferred to "my" school (University of Missouri School of Mines & Metallurgy) as a junior.

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