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November 24, 2018


Looks nasty! That is why all my trash bins have no wheels - that way when something happens I just smoosh a toe :).

We, at one time, had one large bin (with wheels) and two smaller ones (one of which had wheels) - purchased, I'm guessing in about 1990, but possibly as far back as the 1970s. Squirrels destroyed the other two bins, gnawing holes at the bottom corners in order to get to the corn, sunflower seeds, or peanuts that were kept within. This little green bin just keeps rolling along; although, the lid used with it is from the little brown bin. Something (squirrels? mice?) chewed at the green lid's handle enough to make a hole large enough for the mice to access the bird food.

I really like having wheels on the bin but it's a good thing you could not hear my cursing - at the fact that I lost hold of the handle of the bin and it tipped over letting the leaves loose!

Hope you heal quickly. I have done that pulling my yard waste cart too. After too many mishaps, I try to mostly push it now.

Ingineer--It's kind of you to hope that I heal quickly; but, like everything else about me, healing is slow. However, unless I bang against something (like the cross-bar on a chair), there is no pain involved, so I am mostly not even aware of the bruise.

Pushing things takes more coordination since it is a less stable configuration. Glad you are still coordinated enough to make that work!
; )

All of our city provided bins are on wheels — trash, recycle, greenery. I push if contents, but with care as haven’t encountered a problem so far. I sometimes pull if empty but only one at a time now. All takes a lot more care than it used to.

Not feeling any bumps with resultant bruising resulting would certainly give reason for concern, so. do take care.

Joared--Our city is not in the trash business; but, several years ago did go to a designated provider (better than the multiple trucks that had previously plied our city streets). They provide two carts: One for trash (picked up weekly), the other for single-stream recyclables (picked up every 2nd week). I can bring both bins at the same time, to the curb from the garage (and then bring the empties in), by dragging, no problem.

I did feel the bump, at the time. It was painful enough that I let loose of the handle in surprise. However, the resulting bruise is not painful unless I hit it, which has happened only once. Should a bruise hurt all of the time? Why is there "reason for concern"?

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