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November 08, 2018


I hope you plan to make a table out of the final irregularly shaped tree stump.

That is a lot of wood. Who knows, maybe the dentist always wanted to be a lumberjack.

The woods are looking nice and neat.

Liz has a great idea of using that irregular piece to make some table tops. That is such a striking pattern along with the shape. I'll bet there's a woodworker in your area that would love to have that if you just want to have it gone. Course finding that someone could be more trouble than you think it is worth. Maybe a CL ad or a woodworkers forum. Or maybe a local artisan?

Liz & Bogie--Like you, I had the thought that the wood would make striking tabletops. However, since I don't care for rustic pieces, myself, I suggested to the crew that they take the piece shown (as I recall it was three feet in length, or less) - and they did. Perhaps, if they don't make something from it, themselves, they can sell or give it to someone who will. I'll try to remember to inquire when next the crew is here.

A couple of years ago, I put out the word that we would be cutting down some walnut trees, but found no one interested in taking the wood off our hands. One guy pointed out to me the challenge of getting long pieces out of the woods and to a mill where they could be planked. I failed to think to put out the word, this time. I'm losing the required patience and energy to really pursue such things anymore.

Bogie--I got a laugh in writing the above, thinking of the planking that you and your dad do! *chuckling*

Unfortunately, with the woods as far back, and with soft ground, most people do not have the equipment or skills to remove wood without causing damage to your yard. I am sort of surprised that no one wanted the walnut for firewood, which would be much easier to move if cut down to 12-18" lengths. However, I'm unsure how well it burns, and it would not be usable for 1-2 years, so maybe

Bogie--The Dentist (TD) thinks that the walnut and elm wood will burn, nicely. He was only concerned (about the toxicity? exploding?) about Osage Orange (which he calls Hedge Wood). I assured him that, although Osage Orange had (long ago) been planted at the sections lines, such as Rock Rd, in this area, none had grown in our section of the woods. We have black walnut, elm, boxwood elder, ash, and hackberry, with a dash of mulberry.

The wood in the first stack could be burned, immediately, I think. TD wants to use some of the wood in smoking meats, I think, as well as in his wood-burning fireplace and firepit.

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