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November 15, 2018


That is really beautiful.

Ingineer--Happy that you find the design pleasing. Bogie and I are even happier with the "final" design, which graphic I added after you left your comment.

The scary part is of the choices CC gave me, both of us agreed upon the center square color and the final design layout as the best ;)

Bogie--As I think I told you, it would never have occurred to me to dump the Alchemy Blue sashing in favor of the two different Flash Dancer colors (Blue & Turquoise). I'm really glad that it occurred to you. Then, when I saw how well the two Flash Dancers went together, it occurred to me to follow the designer's lead and make the Chevron layout of the sashing.

Yes, it's scary when you and I agree so much. But...it's always been that way with your dad and me. Anytime we really agreed on something, we knew it was right! (Besides, you're old enough to have started turning into your mother by now - about the age at which I started making the transition to being my mother. That is truly scary!)

Nothing but admiration for quilters!

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