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November 30, 2018


Wrong! Gustav Weisskopf flew well before the Wright brothers.
Even the EAA acknowledges that :-)

Stu--Interesting. Could you give us a citation on that? In a few minutes, I was unable to confirm that the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association - or is there a European A... Association of which I am unaware?) took a stance on first flight. Is there something that Paul Poberezny's people published? Although I belonged to the EAA for many years, I don't recall anything concerning such history that they may have put out.

Here are some citations that dispute or research Weißkopf's being credited or that credit the Wright Brothers: 1) Disputes Weißkopf's claim Scientific American, 2) Researches Weißkopf's claim The Case for Gustav Whitehead, 3) Credits Wright brothers FAA.

Note to non-aviation-buff readers: Weißkopf (Weisskopf) immigrated to the States from Germany. Whitehead is the Americanized version of Weißkopf. His claimed flights were made in the USA.

No citation, but when visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber on my motorcycle some years ago, I also went to nearby Leuterhausen to visit the Gustav Weisskopf Museum. Their website is here :-

So - cum granis salis - that's what I based my comment on.
All good German technology, like the US space program ;-)

I’ve heard of all these controversies but ultimately the Wright Bros. have seemed to be the ones receiving the credit.

Interesting the 57 years intervals and if 2 times is enough to be considered a pattern, or will technology result in diminishing intervals?

Stu & Joared--I had previously posted a comment that disappeared. This has happened a few times over the years; but, instead of trying to reconstruct that comment, I'll simply send those who are interested to another page of "The Case for Gustav Whitehead" website, Who was first? The opinions stated on that page are to the effect that 1) the Wright Brothers made no pretense of being first (deferring to English inventor Hiram Maxim), 2) the effect of actual first on the history of aviation is nil. The page ends with, "Historiansconstruct [sic] a story to fit the facts; zealots construct the factsto [sic] fit the story. We report history here – zealously. ; )"

With that, I abandon the subject.

Joared--It is infamously easy to torture data by fitting a curve to one or two data points. The posted "graph" is, of course, more amusing than informative.

Well if we are going to keep the pattern, we should have people on the way to Mars right now.

Ingineer--Perhaps it's a logarithmic pattern? Let me know when you get there!

We cannot even imagine what will happen in the future. My grandad could not imagine space travel...or even my Toyota Camry!

Well it’s not in the cards for me, but when I was a kid, I thought for sure I would be at least living on the moon someday.

Instant transportation would be so good instead of wasting time travelling. Although I don't really mind it that much of we're off somewhere exciting. Only boring if it's same old same old.

Trippe--Welcome! Any friend of Ronni's is a friend of mine. I hope you succeed in your quest for followers/readers of your new-ish blog. In visiting your blog, I was reminded that I used to, somewhat frequently, report email addresses of phishers and scammers to the IC3. It prompted me to add IC3 to my listing of For Enlightenment links in the right-hand column. Thank you for visiting and for the reminder.

P.S. I appreciate that you write in grammatical English. (With your background, it is not surprising to me.) Well done!

To other friends, relatives, and readers--By clicking on Trippe's link under his comment, you may check out his Retired Guy USA blog. The paragraph, below, is stolen from his bio on that blog.

"I retired after 35 years as a U.S. Government Financial Analyst Dec 31, 2015 after nearly dying in a car crash a few weeks earlier. My B.A. is in European History and my M.B.A. is in Accounting. I nearly flunked out my first quarter in college but graduated with an ‘A’ average in the top 6% of my class. I earned my degrees partly while working on the family farm and several years (full-time and part-time) playing in top 40 dance bands. My travels include twice backpacking across Western Europe, taking the rails across the U.S.A and southern Canada, and travel to South America."

I should let you know that Retired Guy USA is full of information on practical aspects of retirement - finances, internet safety, various types of insurance, etc.

Ingineer--In forwarding your comment to HH by email (no, he doesn't read blogs), I included a little note about you, as I had done with Stu, to let HH know something about the author of the comment. Suddenly, I recalled that you are in the Chico CA area - and - I'd not recalled that fact when watching TV reports on the fires in your neck of the woods. How did you and yours fare? (I'm so sorry that I've not asked sooner. I've been oblivious!)

Liz--Getting there is half the fun!

Thank you for asking. We are fine as we live on the opposite corner of Chico than the fire. We housed evacuees the night of the fire and then a friend that came to town to volunteer at a Red Cross shelter. All of the people that I know in the fire zone made it out, but only one of the dozens, still have a house.

Our entire town has been changed as the entire town of Paradise is pretty much gone. Most news stories make disasters seem worse than they are. This one is worse in person than it is on TV. Just guessing as we drove through to check road damage, I would say about 49 out every 50 houses is gone and half the businesses too. I have taken a few people into Paradise to survey road damage or see their pile of ashes and they all have been shocked by magnitude of the devastation.

Ingineer--Glad to hear that you fared well. How disheartening is the disaster caused by such fires! You undoubtedly have developed a real appreciation for what disaster victims go through. What a terrible toll. Thanks to you and your wife for being a part of the solution, a role that will continue for years, no doubt.

It is hard for me to imagine the scene. When I worked on a California wild fire disaster response operation for the Red Cross, I was always distant from the fires themselves - in FEMA buildings, first in Oakland then in Pasadena. I can relate to total destruction only by remembering Greensburg KS's being wiped out by a tornado in May 2007. Again, I worked in a State Emergency Operations Office, that time in Topeka KS (250 miles distant) and then a FEMA Joint Field Office in Wichita (about 100 miles distant). I did, at least, survey the damage - with HH who was directing the Red Cross operation (while we were both off-duty on a rest day).

It will take real strength, in your whole community, to make a comeback. The lives lost is a continuing tragedy.

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