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October 13, 2018


Hey, I can feel good, my quilt won't be as much work as it won't need that beard protector :)

I was thinking of your old house in FL the other day. There has been such devestation in that area - and the news only shows a few, select shots so I know I have no idea of the entire affect.

Since there were several (7-9) of those white pine trees surrounding the house (as was the case for each house in the neighborhood), I cannot imagine that my old house is still in one piece. Belay that. I just looked up the property on Zillow. According to their aerial photo (who knows what date?), there was only one pine tree left in the front yard (east side of house) and none in the back. However, the photo shows some hardwood trees in the neighbor's yard abutting the back (west of the house). Except for the roof's maybe having blown off, it may have done okay. 1032 S Comet

It’s too early in the season to have a cold, but glad you’re nearly over it. Haven’t had one since moving from the Midwest. Hope saying that hasn’t jinxed me.

We could surely use some of your extra rain since what we finally received after many dry months has been the proverbial “drop in the bucket.”

Joared--I hope you continue to eschew colds! HH and I were talking about your comment on needing the rain - wishing we could, indeed, send you some. Wichita Eisenhower airport received 0.7" of snow last night and this morning - earliest they've ever received at least 0.1" (previous record was 10/22/1996.) We had no snow (about 10 miles SE of airport), but I saw a lot of snow covered cars, roofs, and lawns when I went into Wichita to pick up new glass lenses this morning. We got rain even though the temperature was about 31 degrees. Supposed to have 28 degrees, tonight.

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