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October 29, 2018


I'd never heard of the Peruvian singer until you blogged her name, now I'm just listening to one of her Mambos :-)

Stu--I think I blogged about Yma, once. Will have to check and, perhaps, add a posting. Happy you looked her up. (Don't think I've heard her mambos.)

I wonder if we call sumac something different here. I was thinking that it was a spice. Will have to do some googling.

Checked. No, I'm not familiar with it but it does produce a spice.

Liz--I always thought of sumac as a weed that, commonly, grew along railroad tracks during my youth in Missouri.

Around here, many people consider sumac a weed - I guess because it will start a colony in areas they don't take care of so they consider it invasive (even if it is native). I like the pretty fall colors of both the leaves and berries, and find the fact that it will take care of itself endearing.

It seems to me that being planted that close to the house could be an issue in the future, but maybe it doesn't spread as much in you hotter climate.

Bogie--Yes, sumac can be invasive; thus, I am planting in areas where easily controlled. The nursery person told me that it would take longer than 10 years for my new plants to think about becoming a problem for me. That's the maximum time about which I care to worry at my age. Thinking of the sumac that we previously had, it didn't get out of hand and it was the same species, so (at this point) I'm not worried.

Just 15 feet away is a leather leaf viburnum which I've been able to control by selectively pruning out the tallest shoots on occasion, so I'm hopeful about controlling the sumac at the window. Walnut trees should show such vigor!

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