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October 16, 2018


Your femtosecond post has disappeared???

Stu--Once or twice per month, just for fun, I post a pop-up that stays up for only a few hours. That was one. Did you need/want any info from it?

P.S. Yesterday and today I've been getting the "404 File not found" message when I try to visit your or SWMBO's blog.

Why would you want a blogpost to disappear after a short while?
All those poor folks who linked to it just find deadends thereafter :-(
No, I didn't even know what temporal focussing was, so I guess popups are temporally unfocussed ;-)

Doug tells me my RSS file was screwed up, so I fixed it. Should work now :-)

I am no tracker and I can't find my animal tracks booklet. But, my first thought when I saw the tracks was racoon, so that is what I'm going with. The length is about right according to my Google-fu.

Stu--"All those poor folks"? Where are you finding them? Apologies to anyone who has linked to a pop-up of mine.

I just tried the link to your blog (in my sidebar - or - from your URL in a comment) and am still getting the 404 message. When I try a link from Google, I get a message that "This site has not been configured yet!"

Bogie--The two of us couldn't possibly be wrong, could we? I guess what threw me of most was that I saw no racoon hand prints - only hind.

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