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October 27, 2018


I have a T-shirt given to me by motorcycling friends on my 65th birthday which reads :-

"You don't stop riding because you got old,
You get old when you stop riding ;-)!"

Stu--And you sent us no photo?

Photo per email, OK?

Thank you, Stu.

True stuff, but don’t want to push it too far. Everything in moderation is my motto.

All so true!

Those cartoons are funny, but too true. Your reference to sorting through old papers reminded me of comment a nephew made to me some years ago when he visited — prompted me to get busy sorting when he asked, “Is this where old newspapers go to die, Aunt Jo?”

Ingineer--"Everything in moderation - except those things I like!" is my motto. (Yours leads to a longer life and better health, no doubt.)

Liz--Up to Ingineer's point, at least.

Joared--I'll have to remember your nephew's remark.

Even moderation should be taken in moderation at times. 😀


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