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October 07, 2018


Your daughter sounds great! As do you. In our house it's always been the other way around: Husband will attempt anything only summoning me to help when it's very definitely a two-man job. Like my desk that we bought second-hand and that weighs far more than it ought.

Liz--You get no argument from me when you write something nice about Bogie. As to who-does-what within a household, each household must determine their own ways of doing things.

When I was a kid, whoever was at home did whatever needed to be done. Part of the time, Dad and Mom worked different shifts so that one or the other could be at home. And...we kids were not always living with our folks at all times (elder brother lived with grandparents to attend school in Missouri for at least one semester while the rest of us were living in Oklahoma, for instance) and we frequently had one of my mother's siblings living with us. Our household was never static!

Not having anyone to act as a helper, or even a spotter, I try to do things as safely as possible. Since my shoulder injuries last year, I have an even larger appreciation for anything that helps ease the effort and was really delighted with the the Magic Sliders that allow me to move the washer and dryer with very little effort.

Yeah, in some ways I have turned into my mother :)

You have my sympathy, Bogie. I turned into my mother, so it is only fitting. *snickering*

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