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September 21, 2018


Interesting and funny stuff. Have you watched The Crown on TV? I have never been much of a royal family follower, but I really have enjoyed the series. The casting has been really good as well. Old photos of Prince Philip look amazingly similar to the actor playing him.

Ingineer--No, I can't even say that I know anything about The Crown. I would be snarky enough to point out that the actor who plays Prince Philip is probably made up to look amazingly similar to him rather than vice versa. *chuckling* In googling to learn the name of the actor (in order to compare how he looks before being made up as Prince Philip), I learned that a different actor assumed the part for the new season.

BTW: Prince Philip famously complained one time that he was the only man in his country who could not give his name to his children. Really? Now he knows how many women have felt in most countries over the years!

Yes they are changing both the Queen and the Prince to older actors as they are moving ahead in history to when they were older. The original young people played the parts for 2 seasons.

Ingineer--Aha! That's good thinking on their part. Thanks for letting me know about the time progression.

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